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Wooden base with light

Wooden base with light

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  • 5w, 7w, and 9w
  • The lamp head can be adjusted 360 degrees
  • High-quality LED helps plants grow well
  • Modern wood base and size makes for versatile usage 

This lamp possesses a durable and hard wood base, is versatile in its applications, meaning this lamp can serve as an aquarium light, potted plant grow light, effective grow light, or as a bonsai light.

The LED light is carefully designed to replicate the natural sunlight found outdoors, contributing to the healthy growth and vibrant appearance of your plants, particularly in aquascaping.

By consistently emitting a broad spectrum of wavelengths, including visible and invisible ones such as ultraviolet and infrared, this lamp enables plants to thrive and develop naturally, just as they would under the sun's influence. The lamp head can be adjusted 360 degrees to cater to your specific needs. Each lamp bead is equipped with a lens, effectively expanding the breadth and depth of the illumination without wasting light.

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