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Transform Your Space: Create a Custom Natural Aquarium with Fish & Flow

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We offer professional aquascaping services for freshwater setups. Our team of experienced aquascapers will working closely with you based on budget, space, and personal taste, and design the perfect aquascape for you. From initial sketches to entire installation, we take care of everything! We also offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure your aquascape continues looking its best.

  • Custom Aquascaping: We design and install your dream aquascapes, straight from custom aquarium building, plant selection, layout, hand-picked hardscape, and livestock recommendations all within your budget.
  • Rescaping Services: Breathe new life into your existing aquarium with a professional redesign.
  • Aquascape Maintenance: Ongoing annual care packages to keep your aquarium thriving, including water quality testing, cleaning, and plant trimming.
  • Quickstart Packages: Beginner-friendly packages for first-time planted tank owners.

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At Fish&Flow our company that is located in Bangalore, India, we specialize in creating custom nature aquarium designs that reflect your personal style and preferences. We offer a range of scape setups, including low maintenance and low tech Dutch style aquariums, IWAGUMI style aquariums, nano aquariums, biotopes such as South American, Western Ghat, and Blackwater, as well as terrariums and paludariums. We not only setup brand new scapes, but also take up rescaping projects. Our turnkey solutions and custom aquascaping service are sure to help you build the perfect setup or even redo it so it becomes your dream tank!

Our team of well-trained aquascapers create custom scapes for our clients, help with plant selection, layout, and maintenance, as well as fish and invertebrate selection. We also offer quickstart packages for first-time planted tank owners, as well as end-to-end maintenance services, from monthly to yearly contracts that take care of water quality testing, tank cleaning, lighting and filtration maintenance, plant trimming and more!

We take into account your lifestyle, space, and water parameters when creating an aquatic ecosystem for you, along with your preferences for livestock and whether you need a low-tech or high-tech setup. We utilize vibrant plants, exotic fish and shrimp, hardy plants, nano aquariums, nano scapes, and nano biotopes. Let us help bring nature home through aquascaping and make your fish paradise aquarium a reality!

Styles of Scapes:

Custom Nature Aquarium Design: We work with you to create the nature aquarium of your dreams, taking into account your lifestyle, space, budget and water parameters.

Dutch Style Aquariums: Our low maintenance Dutch style aquariums are perfect for those who want the beauty of a nature aquarium without the hassle of high maintenance.

IWAGUMI Style Aquariums: IWAGUMI style aquariums are characterized by their use of rocks, driftwood and other hardscaping materials to create a natural and balanced ecosystem.

Biotopes: We offer a variety of biotopes, including South American, Western Ghat, and Blackwater, that replicate the natural environments of different regions. We can replicate aquatic habitats to create a unique and beautiful environment for your aquatic plants and animals.

Low-Energy Aquascapes and High-Energy Aquascapes: We can create aquascapes that suit your energy needs, whether you prefer low-energy or high-energy setups.

Terrariums and Paludariums: We also offer terrariums and paludariums, which are perfect for those looking to create a unique and interesting environment for their aquatic plants and animals.

Jungle style scape: We can create a jungle style scape that will bring the beauty of the jungle into your home.

Garden-inspired nature style aquariums: We can create garden-inspired nature style aquariums that bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. We design and create an aquatic garden that will be a beautiful and relaxing addition to your home or office.

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