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Transform Your Space: Create a Custom Natural Pond with Fish & Flow

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  • Custom Pondscaping: We design and install your dream pondscapes, straight from custom filtration, plant selection, layout, hand-picked hardscape, and livestock recommendations all within your budget.
  • Rescaping Services: Breathe new life into your existing pond with a professional redesign.
  • Pondscape Maintenance: Ongoing annual care packages to keep your pond thriving, including water quality testing, cleaning, and plant trimming.
  • Quickstart Packages: Beginner-friendly packages for first-time pond owners.

If you're looking to create a beautiful, natural-looking pond we can help! Our team of pondscaping experts are committed to the finer details, we take into account layout, budget, and aesthetic preferences to design the ideal oasis for you. From sketches to construction, we arrange the entire thing! will work with you to design and install a custom pond that fits your space and budget. We also offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your pond looking its best.

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At Fish&Flow, our company located in Bangalore, India, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful, custom ponds that bring the natural beauty of water and greenery into your outdoor living space. Our team of well-trained and experienced pondscapers are dedicated to providing superior service and creating the perfect pond for you and your home. No matter what style or size you prefer.


We offer a wide range of services, from custom pond design to pond maintenance, pond cleaning and pond landscaping. We have experience in creating various styles such as Oasis ponds, Ecosystem ponds, and Biotope ponds. We also offer Vastu Ponds, Tunnel Ponds, and handle Pond rescapes. Whether you prefer a natural, rustic pond or a modern, geometric pond, we have the skills and expertise to create the perfect pond for you.

In addition to creating custom ponds, we also offer skilled cleaning services and high-quality after-installation pond maintenance whether it be an ongoing service or on-demand maintenance. We understand that maintenance is an important aspect of owning a pond, which is why we also offer low-maintenance options, and we can guide you on how to maintain your pond.


Our team will also help you select the most vibrant plants, the best selection of aquatic fish, live plants with interesting textures, exotic fish, shrimp, and hardy plants. Making sure to take into consideration your lifestyle, space, water parameters such as RO borewell, municipality water, and geolocation. We also consider your preference of livestock and whether you need a low tech or high tech setup. We are dedicated to providing superior service, and we are committed to creating the perfect pond for you and your home.

Types of Pondscapes:


Naturalistic Pondscaping: This style of pondscaping aims to replicate the look and feel of a natural body of water, such as a lake or stream. It typically includes a variety of aquatic plants, rocks, and other natural materials to create a natural-looking ecosystem.

Formal Pondscaping: A formal pondscaping is designed to have a clean and polished look. This style often features symmetrical shapes, such as geometric ponds, and is typically characterized by a lack of plants and a prominent use of hardscape elements like stones, rocks, and statuary.


Water Garden Pondscaping: This type of pondscaping is designed to be a more of a garden setting with the water being the focal point. It often features a variety of aquatic plants, water lilies, and other water-loving plants.

Low maintenance Pondscaping: This type of pondscaping is designed to be easy to maintain, typically with a small number of plants and a simple filtration system.

High-energy Pondscaping: This type of pondscaping is designed to be more dynamic, with a large number of plants and a complex filtration system that supports a wide range of aquatic life.


Koi Pondscaping: This type of pondscaping is designed specifically to house koi fish. It typically includes a large pond, filtration system, and a variety of plants and rocks to provide a natural and healthy environment for the fish.

Rainwater Harvesting Pondscaping: This type of pondscaping is designed for harvesting rainwater for irrigation or other uses. These ponds are often located in low-lying areas and are typically shallow to allow for maximum water storage.

Biotope Pondscaping: This type of pondscaping is designed to replicate the specific environment of a particular region. It includes specific plants and other elements that are found in that region.

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