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The Nano Kit - Basic

The Nano Kit - Basic

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  • Beginner -friendly & affordable 
  • High-quality & long-lasting
  • A 9" cube is a space saver and ensures your fish have enough space to swim around!
  • Has enrichment like plants & hard-scape to explore or hide.
  • Substrate & backdrop help your fish and plants to stand out!
  • Includes: 9" aquarium, top cover, Backdrop, LED Light, Gravel/sand, Congo rock, Live plant pot, air pump & Sponge filter.

With space being a luxury nano aquariums are great homes for smaller fish to call home. Just like every other pet, they rely on us to provide the ideal environment for them to thrive in. When kept in the best conditions they thrive and are active! 

Bearing all their needs in mind, we’ve created a kit that keeps in mind their natural environment and has everything you would need to keep your fish not just healthy but happy! 




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Live Fish & Invertebrates is our Beginner Friendly, Live Aquarium Fish and Invertebrates eCommerce brand. With space being a luxury, we are dedicated to the art of “Nano-Fishkeeping” by supplying our customers with a diverse collection of the highest quality Nano Fish and Invertebrates in the Aquarium Hobby! In an effort to maximise the success of Beginner Nano-Fishkeepers, we also educate our customers on the care and habitats of these majestic creatures!

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