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Super Soil Kit - All In One Planted Tank Solution

Super Soil Kit - All In One Planted Tank Solution

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  • High porosity for Optimal Bacterial Colonization
  • pH Neutral and Free From Chemicals
  • Long-lasting and Reusable
  • 20+ Ingredients for Optimal Results
  • Essential Minerals Ensures a Fertile Base
  • Promotes Strong Root Development
  • Natural Aesthetic Appeal
  • Gentle on Delicate Plant Roots
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Introducing Fish&Flow's Super Soil Kit, the ultimate solution for creating a thriving underwater ecosystem and squashing the misconception that aquatic plants can’t grow in sand. For the utmost convenience, our Super Soil Substrate Kit is designed and available per sqft, saving you time and money on having to purchase each ingredient separately all while ensuring precise proportions for your aquarium use. 

One Sqft kit combines carefully curated ingredients and has 3 components to it:

1. Bio Base (250g): A unique natural pumice component infused with activated carbon and nitrifying bacteria, that collects excess biological waste and decomposing matter, ensuring a clean and healthy aquatic environment for your fish and plants. Natural porous structure contains maximum surface area for the colonization of denitrifying bacteria without affecting the pH levels or hardness of the water.

2. Super Soil (500g): Specifically crafted concentrate of 20+ ingredients packed full of nutrients and minerals designed to grow aquatic plants. Similar to the soil mixture used in renowned methods like the Walstad Method or the Father Fish Method. Ensures that your aquatic plant roots have access to the right type of nutrients for years to come. The combination of essential minerals ensures a fertile environment, creating an ideal substrate for robust plant growth.

3. Golden Sand (7kgs): Transform your aquascape with a golden hue, creating a sand cap barrier helps nutrients from leaching into the water column while also being visually appealing. The mixture of fine and coarse texture of the pre-washed sand makes aquascaping easier by anchoring the substrate, preventing it from being easily disturbed. Sand also adds a natural and aesthetic appeal to the aquarium, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the planted tank.


— You will get complimentary filter floss with this kit. 

— For Aquarium use only

— Not for consumption. Avoid inhaling dust, soil, and sand particles when handling. Use gloves if necessary.

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