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Indian Almond Leaves (Catappa Leaves)

Indian Almond Leaves (Catappa Leaves)

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  • Turns your aquascape into an ultra low maintenance biotope
  • Creates what's known as a "functional aesthetic
  • Amazing antibacterial
  • Improves fish immunity, digestion, and known to significantly reduces the chances of diseases
  • Releases tannic acid making the water significantly less toxic
  • Contains 12 leaves

F&F Indian Almond Leaves ( Terminalia Catappa ) have numerous benefits for tropical fish. The leaves, when steeped in water, release natural tannic acid this is what turns the water tea-colored, reduce the pH, and release rich organic compounds!

Adding botanicals like Indian Almond Leaves create what's known as a "functional aesthetic. Our Indian Almond leaves ( Terminalia Catappa ) are from organically grown trees, collected free of pesticides, herbicides, and pollution. Once collected, they're rinsed, and sundried before being hand picked and packaged in our environmentally friendly packaging!

Each pack will contain 12 leaves.

Disclaimer: sizes may vary, expect more than 12 leaves if there are some medium sized leaves included.

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