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Cabomba Caroliniana - Green | Greenhouse Pot

Cabomba Caroliniana - Green | Greenhouse Pot

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Cabomba caroliniana originated from Brazil, and now is found all over the North and South America. It is a rhizomatous, perennial aquatic plant with stems that can grow up to 2 meters in height. Cabomba caroliniana is found growing in ponds and lakes, as well as in slow-moving streams and rivers.

They have two kinds of leaves; the submersed and floating leaves. The former leaves are petioled, opposite whorled and about 2 to 5 cm wide. The smaller floating leaves are linear-elliptic in shape and are only 6 to 20 mm wide. It bears white flowers with yellow, pink or violet centers.

Cabomba caroliniana prefers a warm humid climate, but has also shown living characteristics under frozen water surface. They prefers high lighting levels, at least 3 watt per gallon. Full spectrum T5 or T3 fluorescent bulbs are ideal for it’s growth. Cabomba caroliniana can tolerate hard and soft water, but prefers pH levels between 4 and 6. Growth is usually inhibited above 7/8 pH levels.

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