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Black Coarse Pond Sponge Loose

Black Coarse Pond Sponge Loose

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  • Coarse density captures larger debris. Traps and removes free floating debris, uneaten food, waste, and other ammonia producing contaminants for crystal clear water.
  • Durable, long lasting and reusable. This filter media can be rinsed and reused multiple times saving you money.
  • Cut to fit to any size for use in multiple filtration applications. Works great as a waterfall splash mat.
  • Provides mechanical and biological filtration with an immense surface area ideal for beneficial nitrifying bacteria.

Black Coarse Pond Sponge is custom designed for use in aquariums and ponds. It can be cut to any size for multiple filtration applications. The custom fiber weave design filters out unwanted debris and contaminants for crystal clear aquarium and pond water. It also provides an immense surface area which is ideal for beneficial nitrifying bacteria. Our Black Coarse Filter Media is tough enough to handle heavy debris like sticks and leaves, while still providing a high flow-rate required for oxygenating the large volume of water flowing through the filter systems or skimmer for your aquarium or ornamental pond. This means healthy water conditions, and healthy aquatic plants, koi and other fish! This filter media is extremely durable and is also reusable. It can easily be rinsed out and reused many times. 

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