What is fish quarantine? 

What is fish quarantine? 

There is no guarantee that you will get a fish that is disease-free when you buy it from a breeder or local fish shop. So it is important to quarantine a fish before it is introduced in the aquarium. This quarantine process will save the life of your favorite fish and also prevent any spread of pathogens to your aquarium.

Quarantine isn’t just to also lets the fish acclimate to new surroundings, a new system, new food, and prevents the disease from spreading to other fish in your tank. It also gives fish a chance to settle down and give their immune system a chance to recuperate from the stress of transport.

Why should you quarantine fish? 

Quarantining new fish is an extremely important step in keeping your new fish happy and healthy.

A fish’s immune system should be able to fight off more infections and diseases, however, the shock of transportation compromises your fish’s immune system leaving it vulnerable to any disease that gets shipped with it. Some of these diseases when they break out can be so deadly, they can wipe out your tank within days.

Even healthy fish carry some pathogens, the reason they don’t get sick is that their immune systems are able to keep them in check. But fishes are under stress when they’re bounced from fish farm to wholesaler to retailer to a hobbyist’s tank. Fish Quarantine is not just to prevent disease and let the fish accumulate to new surroundings, new ecosystems, and new fishy friends.

What will you need? 

A tank, heater (when dealing with tropical fish), an air pump, fish medicine and foods, a power head for surface agitation, a fish-catching net, and a Ph level test kit and temperature kit.

What's the right tank size? 

A quarantine tank is the first step for safeguarding our new friend, so it should be very comfortable for them. Usually, 10-20 gallons is enough but big fish need more space so it depends on the fish choosing the size of the tank for good results. A 50-to-100-gallon tank will suffice for goldfish and smaller koi, if you need a tank for larger koi (above 15 inches) then you may want a 200-to-300-gallon tank.

How long should you quarantine fish for? 

A duration of 7 days is best

How to set up a quarantine tank? 

  1. Wash the quarantine tank with only hot water without adding any soap or chemical liquid/powder because chemicals may be allergic to fish.
  2. Add new distilled water that you’ve treated and fill half of the quarantine tank with water from the main tank so that it has similar properties.
  3. Add the filter, heater, powerhead, and aerator (either an air stone or air pump) and turn on everything.
  4. Place a few decorations and hiding spots can also help your fish feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. Test the chemical levels and ph levels in the water and make sure nothing is out of balance.
  5. Try to keep the quarantine tank at the same temperature as your main tank, as you will eventually be transferring fish between the two.
  6. If your filter uses carbon, remove the carbon as it can lower the effectiveness of medications
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