What food to feed which fish?

What food to feed which fish?

What kind of fish food are available?

  1. Dry Food: When you think of fish food, you think of flakes and pellets. That's the most common option for feeding a tankful of fish, but dry fish food also comes in granules and pellets, sinking, and floating varieties, as well as options for specific species. Dry fish food can be lower in fiber, but adding vegetable foods to the diet will help reduce the risk of swim bladder disorders and bloating for vegetarian species. Sheets of dried spirulina or algae wafers, which are great for herbivorous fish to nibble on also make the list.

  1. Frozen Food: Some fish will enjoy frozen food, such as shrimp, bloodworms, plankton, prawn, krill, or mussels. Frozen spirulina cubes are also sold for feeding herbivores.
  2. Freeze-Dried: Tubifex worms and Mysis shrimp or other foods can be found as freeze-dried cubes. These are very nutritious and great for carnivorous fish.

  1. Live Food: Options include live brine or ghost shrimp, feeder fish (for larger carnivorous fish), crickets, and worms.
  2. Greens: If your fish are the type to munch on aquarium plants, such as anacharis, give them greens as well. Options include lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, and spinach. Clip the greens to the side of the tank or fasten them in place near the substrate, but remove or replace the uneaten vegetables within 24 hours. Fish such as plecostomus love to eat fresh greens.

What food to feed which fish?

There are many different types of fish, and their diets vary widely. They can be carnivorous, herbivorous, or omnivorous.

  • A carnivorous fish have a high protein diet. Some examples of fish that are often considered as carnivores are piranha, arowana, cichlids, and betta fish. For aquarium fish, there are high protein fish food available for these fish. There are even fish food made specifically for individual species, especially for popular fish species such as betta fish. In the wild, carnivorous fish may eat invertebrates such as insects, worms and snails. Some fish will eat other fish as well. These predatory fish that primarily feed on other fish are known as piscivores.

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