What Fish go in a Community Tank?

What Fish go in a Community Tank?

What is a Community Fish?

A “community fish” has the ability to coexist peacefully with a variety of other species, some of which do not necessarily share the same origins or geographic locations. Aquariums that contain these fish are often referred to as “community tanks”.

What fish go in a community tank?

It’s important to note that while almost every fish you can think of will have at least one fish they can live with. This list isn’t exhaustive and only includes some of the most compatible fish that will be fine with almost any neighbors; Angelfish, Guppy, Gourami, Dwarf Gourami, Cherry Shrimp, Amano Shrimp, and Tetras.

Our suggestions for various community tank:

30L Nano Tank

  • Center Piece - German Blue Ram x 1
  • Dither Fish - Neon Tetras x 8 or Ember Tetra x 12 or Glowlight Tetra x 12
  • Algae Eaters - Otocinclus Catfish x 2

50L Medium Tank

  • Center Piece - Betta fish x 1 or 3 Dwarf Gourami
  • Dither Fish - Endler's Livebearers x 12 or Guppies x 8 or Cardinal Tetras x 10
  • Bottom Feeders - Panda Corydoras x 6
  • Algae Eaters - Otocinclus Catfish x 4

120L Large Tank

  • Center Piece - Pearl Gorami x 3 or Angelfish x 3
  • Dither Fish - Serpae Tetra x 10
  • Schooling Fish - Cardinal Tetra x 15 or Rummy Nose Tetra x 15
  • Bottom Feeders - Emerald Corydoras x 6 or Sterbai Corydoras x 6
  • Algae Eaters - Bristle Nose Pleco x 2
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