What are good tankmates for Angel fish?

What are good tankmates for Angel fish?

What are good tankmates for angel fish?

Chances are if you’ve seen your fair share of aquariums, you’ve also seen your fair share of angelfish. Many people choose them because they are beautiful fish and are mainly low maintenance. While angelfish are generally peaceful, they can become a bit aggressive and territorial when it’s feeding time.

Don’t let their name fool you; these fish are carnivorous.

Angelfish are not known to be the most agile swimmers so you’ll want to keep them in fairly large tanks, especially if they’re inviting friends over. This is because a tank that’s too small can create excessive waves that the angelfish don’t particularly enjoy.

The best tank mates would be similar fast and active fish that don’t have long fins. Most tetras like the cardinal or neon tetra as well as some bottom feeders like the corydoras catfish would work well. Gourami and Swordtails can also be compatible with your Angelfish.

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