Heater FAQS

Heater FAQS

Many aquarium fish are from tropical climates which means heat is needed to recreate these warm waters. Some heaters produce a constant supply of heat and others have an internal thermostat that regulates when the heater turns on and off. The ability to adjust the temperature is a feature of some heaters but others are preset to a tropical temperature, commonly 78⁰F, for a “set it and forget it” simplicity. Selecting the proper size heater is important; too small and the heater cannot effectively warm the aquarium, too large and the temperature can fluctuate too quickly. 

What are the types of Heaters

Flat Heaters

This family of heaters produces a constant supply of heat so there is no need to guess what temperature to set for the aquarium. These are compact in design and can easily be hidden behind decorations and plants. It is important to pay attention to the aquarium size recommendations for these heaters. Because of the constant heating, an oversized heater can warm the water too much, stressing the fish. These heaters come in multiple sizes for aquariums 1 gallon to 6 gallons.

Mini Heater

This compact heater is preset to 78⁰F and ideal for smaller aquariums up to 2.5 gallons to 5 gallons. In addition to the Safety Shutoff, the heater is made of shatterproof and nearly indestructible construction. Being completely submersible and a compact design, it can be easily concealed in the aquarium to not detract from the aquarium’s aesthetic.

Preset Heaters

Sometimes simplicity is key. This line of heaters is preset to 78⁰F requiring no adjustment for the perfect temperature. They come in several sizes to fit 10-gallon aquariums all the way up to 75-gallons. This heater is made of shatter-resistant quartz glass and an LED light that indicates when the heater is actively heating.

Submersible Aquarium Heaters

Having the ability to select a specific temperature for your aquarium can be important for species like Discus that like warmer waters. This heater line has a temperature adjustment knob at the top to select the desired temperature and an LED light that indicates when the heater is actively heating. It has a shatter-resistant glass construction, but more aggressive or large fish can still break the glass. This is an important thing to think about when choosing a heater. Be sure to attach the suction cups above the coil heating elements to prevent them from overheating.

Pro Heaters

The high-end shatterproof construction and adjustable dial at the top make this a premium heater line. The LED indicator light, located in the adjustment dial, illuminates when the heater is actively heating. The dark design makes the heater blend it behind plants and decorations. The heater is fully submersible so it can be positioned vertically (with the dial at the top) or horizontally in the aquarium. The stronger construction is ideal for larger fish that can be tough on items in the aquarium.

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