Does my fish have anchor worms?

Does my fish have anchor worms?

Does my fish have anchor worms?

If your fish has Anchor worms, common signs that you would see are red and inflamed scales. If you look close enough, you may even be able to see the body of these parasites sticking out of your fish. 

What are the symptoms for anchor worms? 

Their bodies will look like whitish green thread stuck to your fish. You may also notice that your fish is rubbing its body up against things in its tank.

What is the treatment for anchor worms? 

For larger fish, anchor worms can usually be easily removed by carefully pulling on the body of the parasite. After you have removed the parasites, you can apply topical antibiotic ointment to their scales. It would be best if you also cleaned the whole tank to get rid of any of the eggs, larvae, or parasites in the tank.

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