Does my fish have a Fungal infection?

Does my fish have a Fungal infection?

Does my fish have a Fungal infection?

True fungal infections in fish are less common than parasites or bacteria. They typically appear as white cottony or “furry” growths on fish but can also be internal. They can be induced by substandard water quality, infected food or open wounds, but there are many other causes. 

What causes a Fungal infection?

Fungal infections are caused by unclean water conditions and dead and decaying organic material in your tank.

What is the treatment for a Fungal infection?

The first thing you need to do to treat fungal infections in your fish is to clean their tank fully. Then using potassium permanganate that you put into your fish’s water. You will want to make sure that you have removed any external pathogens from your fish’s skin. Although fungal infections are not generally contagious, infected fish should be treated immediately with an antifungal medication, preferably in a quarantine aquarium.

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