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Tropica CO2 Diffuser 3 in one

Tropica CO2 Diffuser 3 in one

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  • Ideal for use in any aquarium equipped with CO2
  • Makes CO2 use an easier and more accurate process
  • Bubble counter helps to monitor the dosage of CO2
  • The reflux valve prevents the back flow of water
  • Diffuser ensures the appropriate dispersal of CO2

The Tropica CO2 Diffusor 3-in-1 is a highly efficient, compact CO2 injection device with a replaceable ceramic disk.

The Tropica CO2 Diffuser combines a bubble counter, a check valve and the diffuser in one single unit. The bubble counter enables you to dose the CO2 easily and exactly, as you can count the large bubbles inside the chamber very easily when adjusting the CO2 feed. A check valve makes sure that no water can rise in the hose, which may happen if the bottle runs empty or if you use a solenoid valve to switch off your CO2 supply overnight.

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