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Intan Faux Worms | 35g, 70g | Slowly Sinking Sticks

Intan Faux Worms | 35g, 70g | Slowly Sinking Sticks

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  • Worm shape attracts fussy eaters

  • Antarctic krill enhances colour

  • Low water turbidity

  • Garlic fights parasites and strengthens immunity

  • Perfect size for bettas, rams, etc

The Intan Faux Worms are specially formulated to mimic the shape of live worms, as a safer alternative to live feed, which is messy and difficult to obtain. The consumption of live foods can increase parasitic loads and microbial infections in fish and facilities. A delightful formulation of "Faux-worms" offers you excellent nutrition that is tasty, healthy, and safe while mimicking live worms.

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