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Intan Bits | 45g, 110g | Slow Sinking Crushable Crumble

Intan Bits | 45g, 110g | Slow Sinking Crushable Crumble

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  • Blend of crumbled and granulated feeds that is crushable to any size
  • Antarctic krill enhances colour
  • Slowly sinking granules for optimum feed intake
  • Assures high water stability with crushable feed for fry to adults.
  • Suitable for All types of Discus, Danios, Barbs and Rainbows etc.
    Intan Bits is one of Intan's crown jewels. The diet is nutritionally balanced in order to enhance the fish's natural vibrant colors and shape. An Antarctic krill is an excellent source of sustainable protein that enhances the flavor and palatability. In addition, the astaxanthins in the krill help to develop the colors of the fish. As a result of the wholesome formula, the animals have a healthy growth rate and are immune to disease. The food is best suited for all types of Discus and can be crushed and fed to Danios, Barbs, Rainbows, etc.
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